Remember George W. Bush’s 22 Million “Lost” Emails? I Didn’t Think So.


Dick Cheney and George Bush (Credit: Eric Draper on Wikimedia Commons)

“[Hillary] Clinton’s email habits look positively transparent when compared with the subpoena-dodging, email-hiding, private-server-using George W. Bush administration. Between 2003 and 2009, the Bush White House “lost” 22 million emails. This correspondence included millions of emails written during the darkest period in America’s recent history, when the Bush administration was ginning up support for what turned out to be a disastrous war in Iraq with false claims that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction (WMD), and, later, when it was firing U.S. attorneys for political reasons” (Nina Burleigh in Newsweek).

The problem is, of course, nobody is listening, least of all supporters of Donald Trump–who, by the way, still hasn’t released his tax returns. In light of F. B. I. Director James Comey’s recent announcement that more Clinton emails have been found on Anthony Weiner’s (ugh!) laptop, voters interested in yet another example of double standards applied to the Democratic nominee for POTUS, here’s Burleigh’s full article. Bon appetit.

P. S. Thanks to Facebook friend John Spangler for posting this article.


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